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Modern & Documentary Wedding Photography In Essex

Documentary wedding photography, Contemporary portraits & and an informal approach to weddings are how I would describe myself as a photographer.

Every bit of me loves how unique each wedding is & every one of them a total reflection on the couples, families & friends. It pays to be able to see moments developing & react accordingly to catch that shot that can’t be replicated. 

Things are always moving at a frantic pace where weddings are concerned, the light, the moments – all gone in a fleeting moment, so capturing them is always an exciting challenge.

Emotion comes in all sizes at each wedding & I love capturing those ones that will make you reminisce over that one moment, rather than how I constructed that moment. You can’t ask a kid to recreate that silly face he/she pulled or ask dad to cry just one more time – you have to be there in the moment with them, know it’s going to happen and get that shot & that is a huge thrill for me.

I’m silent at weddings for the most part – talk too much and everyone knows you have that camera ready to fire, so it becomes a game of psychology. I much prefer to call myself a guest with a camera & connect with people rather than “the wedding photographer” itself. Weddings are about having the best day of your life in a natural way that isn’t too obtrusive. Some of my more recent work is always up on Instagram Take a look and give me a follow.

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Fun, laughter, Romance & love in a natural unobtrusive way

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