Frequently Asked Questions

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Wedding Photographer Chelmsford F.A.Q’s

How do you work?

My style is relaxed and spontaneous and whatever your wedding theme or style I will capture. Prior to your wedding (where possible), we will meet to discuss your day and help you decide on a timetable so that you have plenty of time to celebrate the day and enjoy the company of your guests. I work around you and your agenda ensuring that you are free to enjoy your day as much as possible.

I do not have a one size fits all approach and treat every wedding uniquely.

I will capture as many moments as there are opportunities. As an Essex wedding photographer, I prefer to look for the moment. I don’t pose couples into uncomfortable and unorthodox moments, rather I prefer much more natural moments to develop, though on occasion I will guide you where necessary.  I will provide you with wonderful images that capture the spirit and fun of your day, told in a storybook way that will serve as an heirloom for generations to come.

Do you take formal or group shots as well as reportage?

Yes, although I like to make this as fun and short as possible and suggest no more than 10 formal photographs (though always happy to accommodate more if time allows). I like to do these calmly and swiftly so that you will be free to enjoy your wedding with all of your guests.

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How many photographs will you take on our wedding day?

There is no hard rule when it comes to how many images I can deliver. Every wedding is unique and there are too many factors to consider to give a definitive number. That said I always take unlimited images in the time available and for the most part always deliver a minimum of 400 images at most weddings. I prefer a quality over quantity approach.Blue heart
Do you shoot on Digital or Film?

I always shoot digital, though when I first started at the age of 12 I was using a Minolta film camera (that was the 80’s though), now I shoot using Nikon professional cameras and professional level lenses.

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Will we need more than one photographer?

For a lot of my weddings, I normally shoot alone, often accompanied by an assistant (my very able Son Kyle). I only suggest a second photographer if you have a large number of guests and/or you would like to have the groom preparations covered and you are getting ready apart. Having a second photographer is a good choice if you would like your day covered from a variety of different angles to help ensure your day has the best possible coverage. There is an additional fee – for more information drop me a message.

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How do we get our images?

Your wedding images will be available to download in high resolution from a secure, password protected online gallery. Only you have the option to download your images with a secure PIN number. Your wedding guests are able to view them and there is also the option to buy prints and canvases. If you prefer something more tangible then you might wish to consider a personalised USB with presentation case. Have a look for yourself here.


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Can we buy a wedding album separate?

Yes absolutely! I have recently streamlined my pricing to not include any album packages, but they will still be a big part of the services I offer. Having the option to buy wedding albums individually is a great way to maximise a bespoke album. All of my albums are handmade and crafted in Italy, so you can be sure of the outstanding quality.

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What do you do about eating on our wedding day?

My day is long and requires full & total concentration to get the best possible images throughout the wedding. I tend to take short breaks where and when I get the opportunity for refreshment and will also bring my own Lunch! I don’t require to be fed, so please don’t feel under any pressure whatsoever to supply a meal for me.

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What is a pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding session is an opportunity to get a bit more relaxed in front of the camera before your wedding day. It is also a great chance for me to share some helpful tips and advice regarding your wedding day photography. These sessions usually take place in my home county of Essex and normally at a nice rural location too. I usually do the photo sessions mid-week and it takes around an hour. You can expect to receive around 30 edited images from the shoot. Have a look at some of my recent pre-wedding sessions here.

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What happens if you can’t attend our Wedding?

Being an Essex and Chelmsford wedding photographer, this is probably my most asked question and rightly so! We are all human and sometimes things happen beyond our control – In the instance that this might arise, then you can be sure with certainty that your wedding will be covered if this does happen. It is considered good professional practice to ensure I have a network of excellent professional photographers to call upon should this situation arise. Take comfort in the fact also that with over 90 weddings under my belt I have never missed one moment at any wedding!

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How do we book you?

I try to make this as effortless as possible. I always suggest meeting up first, as this gives us a good opportunity to break the ice. I normally suggest a mutual halfway location like a Costa Coffee, though I am also open to visiting you in person at home if the location isn’t any more than 20 miles from Basildon, Essex. Once you have made the great decision to become a Terry James couple, then It is a simple process of signing the prepared online terms and conditions and then paying the £200 non-refundable deposit (the deposit comes off your final balance). Are you ready to get in contact? Click me to get in touch

Have more questions?

No doubt you do and I am more than happy to discuss any further questions you may have. Selecting your wedding photographer is a very important decision to make, after all, your images are the one element from your wedding day that has to stand the test of time. A wedding cake will look nice for a day, as will your dress and the wedding venue, but your images need to look their best for a lifetime and then some. We only have one moment to get it right! So even if you are just after some practical advice regarding your wedding, please feel free to drop me a message below and I will be more than happy to help out!

Make your memories live!