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Ultimate Wedding Survival Kit

30 Essential Items That Can Save You & Your Wedding 

An ultimate wedding kit is essential for your wedding day. We think we have it all sorted and we have nailed down every possible scenario and Little Bobby, your nephew who is an usher tries out the latest Fortnite dance and splits his trousers and no one has a sewing kit on hand!

I have photographed over 70 weddings and lost count how many times the groomsmen forgot how to tie a cravat, or the brides wedding dress can’t be done up because no one remembered to bring a crochet hook and can’t do up those little elastic hoops because every girl has long nails and can’t hook them (I’ve done a few of these when I should be taking photos – I’m clearly good at multitasking, thank you, Mum!)

Make sure you put together your Ultimate wedding kit a few weeks before the big day, so you don’t have to worry about anything else – except for not being late of course!

wedding day survival kit


  1. Heel Stoppers – Oh yes! No more sinking in the grass, Yay!
  2. Instant stain remover pens – For all those little mishaps and stains on the dress
  3. Small Sewing Kit – Yep it’s bound to happen, something or someone will need this
  4. Mints – Minty mouths make kisses last longer
  5. Piriton – Hayfever, allergic reaction? Pack some of this to keep hayfever at bay
  6. Hairpins – always come in handy to have a load of these spare.
  7. Tissues – For crying brides, crying mums and crying dads too!
  8. Bug Spray – Damn critters are everywhere and if you are in the midst of summer and your ceremony is outside blast them with this.
  9. Lipseal  Dry lips and kisses don’t mix, soften them lips up!
  10. Antacid sweets – Drinking and reflux are best mates – don’t suffer.
  11. Nail Clippers – Long toenails in open-end shoes? Hmm not good.
  12. Hair Spray – When the hair goes and the hairstylist is gone – Hairspray – Job done!
  13. Lint Roller – You never know if you are gonna have a bad case of dandruff snow and it doesn’t look great on dark suits.
  14. Sunscreen – You might not need this given our typical UK weather, but just in case pack some in your kit. Factor 50 covers all bases.
  15. Absorbing tissues – Give these to your best man, ushers and maid of honour so no one looks shiny and sweaty.
  16. Clear Nail Polish – Keeps the nails looking ace – I don’t use it myself, but I’ve heard it’s good.
  17. White Umbrella – In the UK we are blessed with water and not just the stuff that surrounds our little island, but the stuff from the sky. Get yourself a nice and cheap brolly. Great for photos too!
  18. Women’s bits – As my wife calls them, but you ladies know what I mean right?
  19. Mini First Aid Kit – For all the little accidents that could happen!
  20. Super Glue – for all things that get broke on the day – just watch your fingers though.
  21. White Chalk – If you get a stain on your dress, this will help cover it
  22. Dental floss – Hmm photos look bad with bits of veggie stuck in your teeth!
  23. Access to youtube – Not for catching up on your latest videos, but for having a visual guide to doing cravats, corsets, etc!
  24. Lighter – Good for loose ends and of course lighting sparklers too.
  25. Energy Bars  Who eats at weddings? You will probably no eat much on your wedding day, so these will help fill the gap and keep you dancing into the night too!
  26. Eye Drops – When you have had a good cry, the last thing you want in your images is bloodshot eyes!
  27. Deodorant – Obvious really. No one wants to smell body odour & someone will forget it!
  28. Paracetamol – Too much booze the night before? Cure it quickly on your big day!
  29. Confetti – Because every guest will forget it you can be sure of that!
  30. Sparklers – If you plan on having a sparkler exit, then these will be necessary! Get long-lasting ones too.


So that’s it in a nutshell. Your ultimate wedding survival kit. Most of the stuff can be bought online at Amazon – click the links above and of course feel free to add a few things that I may have forgotten. If so leave a comment below and I will add it to my list of essentials.

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