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Tips for choosing your wedding flowers


I will be honest here and tell you straight up, that I know nothing about Wedding flowers – I do know that they are beautiful, make for some great images and they smell pretty cool too!

Obviously, with that in mind, I’m not going to ramble on about something I know nothing about. Best to leave it to the expert to give you the lowdown and who better to advise you than someone I know who really knows her stuff and an industry expert.

Jennie Beal who runs and operates Quintessentially Wild

Here is what Jennie has to say about choosing your florists and your wedding flowers. Go with your gut. Seriously!

Work with your Budget but go with your heart!

Bride holding wedding bouquet

Budget is important, but most good floral designers can work with a fair and realistic budget, what is more, important is finding someone whose style makes YOUR HEART SING. Start early as All good wedding suppliers get booked up way in advance.

Couples quite often tend to leave sorting out there wedding flowers as one of the last things. The venue, food, photographer, dress, etc, seem to take extra importance and then flowers become more of an afterthought and that can be problematic if your favorite florist is already booked up that day.

Your Wedding flowers are a crucial part of your day!

Wedding table decor

Flower table Décor and all your wedding bouquets, buttonholes, etc are super important and I’m not just saying that because I’m a florist. It’s true for a multitude of reasons, but here are some of the most important reasons.

1) Your flowers will be in your photos forever. A good photographer will make your beautiful flowers look as fresh in the images 10 years on, but only if they look great in the first place – choose the best flowers that suit your budget!

2) Your guests spend longer sat at the reception table than anywhere else. Make it detailed, pretty and interesting. It creates a great talking point. So Don’t scrimp too much here, this is where the majority of your wedding guests will spend the majority of their time and where they will be taking things in.

3) There is nothing worse than an empty marquee.
Having photographs that show a bland looking wedding reception does nothing for your images, but a wedding reception full of colour and natural flowers and table pieces will make it look exquisite!

4) How to establish your style? Social media is your friend here. Trawl Instagram. Look at the geotags from your area and see whose floral designs catch your eye.

5) Don’t always go with a recommended supplier tied to a
Kickbacks are still a thing sadly. There are many, many talented floral designers who don’t get a look in because of things like that. This is important to note if you’re looking for a new, fresh style and a bit more originality. Your wedding flowers should be a personal reflection of you and not something that has been recommended by your wedding venue.

Style over substance?

wedding ring inside a flower

Once you’ve established your floral style, in order to achieve the best from your floral designer be honest with them, right at the start. Show them what you like (and also what you don’t like) and a ballpark budget combined with a wish list and see what they can suggest.

You’ll see by the way any good floral designer talks about their work, just how passionate they are about it.
Most people don’t know much about flowers, that’s fine, we can help you with that, but what you will know is what you love. Trust your gut. Even if you think you can’t afford a certain designer, reach out to them, be honest with your budget and needs and see what they can do for you.

Keep in mind

It is important to bear in mind though, fresh flowers are expensive and that is just the raw materials. The consultations, design time, quotations, ordering, market trips at 3 am bucket washing, conditioning, making, delivering and set up and clear down are all part of a florists job when you hire them. This is what is included in your quotation.

You should think about earmarking 10-20pc of your total wedding budget for florals. It’s best to pick a florist who works with the seasons. Florists are good, but not always magicians.

If you’d like peonies in November, yes, we can probably get them for you, but with a hefty price tag.
Mother nature can’t be fooled. By working with flowers that are in season, you get blooms at there very best.

And finally….

Finally, if you find a floral designer that you gel with, that you can trust, trust them to excel at their passion to do their very best to bring your vision to life. We do this job because we love it, find a good floral stylist and that will shine through.

Remember though, pick someone whose work makes your heart sing. Follow that and you will have a beautiful floral display that makes your wedding pop with vibrant colours & beautiful wedding flowers.

Want to find out more about Quintessentially Wild?

Jennie is a wedding supplier that I highly recommend, more so as I have worked with her and have seen just how good her work is – In fact, the images used in this post are some examples of her work. If you would like to get in touch with Jennie regarding your floral display at your wedding then here are all the links to get in touch with her! Thanks for your time with this too Jennie. A real insight that will help many brides I’m sure!

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