Three Lakes wedding photography-Sophie & Andrew

Being an Essex wedding photographer, I don’t get to see as many weddings outside of my county, as I would like to. Today was different, as I got to shoot a wedding at the Three lakes wedding venue in rural Ware, Hertfordshire. This was also a first for me in respect that I knew the groom as a personal friend, as I did his best man……And my own best man from my wedding was there also, so to say that I was feeling the pressure was a bit of an understatement!

Trying to keep a professional head on at all times proved challenging, but I remained consumate to the task in hand, and delivered a wedding photography collection that I know both Sophie and Andrew love.

Their story, as with the many other weddings was a personal one and shared with good friends and lovely family. The venue could not have been more scenic. Set on a small hill overlooking beautiful fishing lakes, with a view of lush green as far as the eye can see.

The morning started for me with Bridal preparations at one of the bridesmaids house. This was the first time I had met Sophie face to face, but I could tell straightaway that with the weather onside, this was going to be a wedding to remember & before long we were chatting away in a relaxed manner and looking forward to getting some beautiful moments together. Being able to communicate well is an asset that every wedding photographer needs, and as those who know me well, will tell you I can chat for Britain!

Below is a selection of storyboards that set us off on this story of love and romance.



To say I had a great time at this wedding is an understatement! The fact I didn’t get home till gone 1.00am is testament to that (though I did chauffuer the bride and groom back to their hotel, as all the taxis were very busy!). With that said I always love every aspect of my work. Getting to meet so many brilliant people is a perk thats for sure!

As we are now at the end of Sophie and Andrew’s wedding story, it is apt to wish them all the happiness in the world, as they start a new chapter in their life together! They are a great couple, with brilliant family and friends around them! I would like to give a special mention to their three wonderful children. They are a credit you all! Here is one last image of the two of them enjoying a rich and colourful moment together.

Three Lakes wedding photography