Being a London lad, born and bred, it was a pleasure to abandon being an Essex wedding photographer for a day and become a London wedding photographer. North London was the setting for this wonderful wedding of Michaêla & Titus. We included a visit to the iconic Alexandra palace for some images (though getting the weather to play ball was hard - It’s about time us humans found a way of controlling the weather with an iphone app..Haha.)

In all fairness to the Bride and Groom they rocked it, irrespective to the weather, and in typical UK style as the rain settled, then the sun came out. That gave us a limited time to get some shots, but I think we just about won this one.

Bridal prep started at Joy’s house and I earned the moniker of “Purple Tel” (A reference to the fact I was wearing a purple shirt on the day). A name that seems to have stuck with me now :).

Below are the images from this wonderful wedding, a wedding full of soulful and gospel overtones. A wedding full of all the typical emotional characteristics that I have come to expect and yearn for.

A massive thanks goes out to my faithful 2nd photographer, Darren at Sureshotz photography for once again being on hand to undertake the second side of the photography. Thankyou!

These were a few images from the bridal prep. A mix of organised chaos and moments of serenity…

A few from the groom prep, taken by Sureshotz photography.

The ceremony was a busy affair, and one that deserves a bit more attention, after all it is the most important part of the day for both the bride and the groom. The moment when they say I do are words that bind us together.

A few select images from our time at Alexandra Palace. I so wish we had more time at this iconic venue. I so wanted to use more of the exterior features of the palace, but it was all sectioned off to the public that day. 🙁

That concludes this London wedding. A shame it went as fast as it came. I really enjoyed this day. A couple who I felt were so deserving of one and other, and perhaps their biggest symbols of love and commitment lay not in the rings that they adorned, but in the two beautiful daughters they have brought into this world together. Family and friends gathered to celebrate a truly romantic moment between two people, and being given the opportunity to record these moments of love was an epic experience - Thankyou both for providing me with those moments!

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