Steph & Dom’s Leez Priory wedding

As the famous line from the Stark’s goes “Winter is Coming”. Well at the Leez Priory wedding venue for Steph & Dom’s Wedding, It left me wondering where the bloody hell was winter (global warming anyone?!). With that said I will never complain when the sun is shining and the temps are warm (at least all the time the sun was up anyway) for weddings – It keeps smiles on faces & good light to work in – Brilliant!

Leez Priory Wedding Venue

Having the opportunity to be the Leez Priory wedding photographer again (I love this place, does it show yet?) is always a great privilege & one that as an Essex wedding photographer you can’t pass up.

Too much of this place isn’t a bad thing & the Staff are all super cool too. Having worked with 3 different wedding coordinators at Leez Priory I can tell you they are all a HUGE credit to the wedding venue!

If you know Leez then I don’t have to tell you anything about this place. One word character! Check out their website for more information on this charming and beautiful wedding venue.

The Wedding Couple – Steph & Dom

As a wedding photographer or any wedding vendor, you have to be well versed in the art of communication & most definitely be a people person. As much as I would love to, I don’t always get the chance to meet couples before their big day and this was one of those times.

Steph & Dom are super easy to get on with & straight away I was at ease. Everything to them on their most wonderful of days was like a walk in the park for them – Easy to see why they were such a great match. I was just like do this, do that and there wasn’t one little groan (well maybe under their breaths – haha).

I even had them traipsing in the field next door in between their dessert as the sun was going down – see the image below somewhere and you will know what one.

Their wedding at Leez Priory In Images

No one comes here to read, right? Ok, ok I get it just show the photos already! Well, here they are, in all their glory – Steph & Dom’s wedding images – Hooray!!

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