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I often sound like a stuck record when I describe my feelings about weddings - This one is a bit different.

I first met Becka and Mikeal at a costa coffee to discuss their plans sometime ago in 2016 - I always say that when having a meeting with potential brides and grooms - you as a wedding photographer have to feel a connection with the couple, as they need to with you. With Becka and Mikeal there was on both sides.

It was at this point that I knew I wanted to be a part of their day and contribute by giving them images that they could look back on in years to come - The fact that Becka is no stranger to photography either, gave me added incentive to ensure a job well done.

Please read on to see how their Leez priory wedding unfolded - all supplied with tears, laughter & fun…..Oh and if you haven’t guessed by the time you get to the bottom of the post, Mikeal is a hardcore lover of everything to do with super heroes….

The Leez priory is a wedding venue in Essex, just outside of Braintree - If you want to know more check out my blog post on Leez priory. It is an idyllic location, nestled in the Essex countryside and is a must for any Essex wedding photographer to shoot at. A dream location for many, it serves wedding parties with all that they could want from a wedding venue.

Leez priory wedding venue

I arrived early, so I could make sure of any plans that might have changed, everything was all good on that front. The ladies were getting ready to move to the bridal changing rooms - so I concentrated on getting the shots of the groomsmen and page boys prep first.

groom shots - Leez priory wedding
groom shots - Leez priory wedding
groom shots - Leez priory wedding
groom shots - Leez priory wedding

I really enjoy taking the groomsmen images - They are often a lot more relaxed and this often spills out to funny moments or banter.
The girls on the other hand are the serious ones and they know how to make the day special -Make-up artists, hair stylists, jewels, wedding dresses and all the important details - Oh and Beckas blinged converse.
Bridal prep really does have the wow factor and this was no exception - I love all the frenetic pace, as it’s my cue to really start the day. The groom prep was just a warm-up - Now we are getting down to business!

Bridal prep images - Leez priory wedding
bride and bridesmaids wedding dress - Leez priory wedding
Bride images at leez priory
bride wedding details
bridal party images

Finally after some moments of panic getting earrings and a bracelet on - we were ready to roll & Becka was on course to meet her groom. This Lady hardly showed any sign of nerves - She was born ready for this!

I always ask the bride and father if they want to do a first reveal shot. It normally goes down well and this wedding was not an exception - In fact, becka’s father rocked it! This is what it is all about - Dad seeing his little girl ready for life outside of her maiden name. It really resonated with me, as I am an emotional guy and some day I’m going to be that dad giving his precious daughter away - I felt every bit of emotion in each of these shots and I had a lump in the throat for sure!

Stay tuned for the speeches as well!!

The following images of this Leez priory wedding follow right through to the ceremony.

Wedding table details
Wedding table details
bride and dad 1st reveal images
bridal party - Leez priory wedding venue
ceremony images - Leez priory
ceremony images
ceremony images - Leez priory
ceremony images
ceremony images
The best men images
Ceremony images - leez priory wedding
ceremony images
Ring bearers present the wedding rings
exchanging of the wedding rings
the first kiss as husband and wife
The signing of the wedding register
the aisle walk images

Congratulations Becka & Mikeal! Husband & Wife.

The fun was only starting of course and there are plenty of images still to show. I loved the confetti images, as the couple got showered in flower petals. There are loads of favourite images of mine in this collection - but the stars of the show are Becka & Mikeal - I truly felt a part of this wedding - often times a wedding photographer is an observer, waiting for that candid image - something I love doing. This wedding however felt like I was shooting it for friends and unbeknown to me, at the speeches - Becka & Mikeal hounoured me with a gift - One that was quite apt and one of those sentimental gifts that I will treasure - Thank-you both, it really meant a lot and I wish you both every moment of happiness together in your married life 🙂

confetti shower images
wedding guests images - leez priory wedding
wedding guests images - leez priory wedding
group images of family and friends
bridal party images
wedding guest images - leez priory wedding
super hero images
bride and groom holding hands
bride and groom images
bride and groom images - leez priory wedding
wedding ring detail images
bride and maid of honour images
Brides father showing some emotional tears
groom speech images
the bride images
wedding guests at the wedding breakfast
best mans speech images
wedding cake cutting images
boquet toss and eager maid of honour images
first dance images
wedding guests dancing
leez priory tower and bride and groom

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