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Layer Marney Tower wedding – Alice and Paul

2nd August 2017

 Layer Marney Wedding Photographer -Alice & Paul

There comes a time in most people’s lives when we consider the prospect of marriage, myself and my wife decided to get married after 15 years! This Layer Marney Tower wedding of Alice & Paul, was the backdrop to celebrate not just the union of two people, but a couple who had been together for 12 years.

Their paths eventually leading to this magical moment when they both said I do. Their choice of venue was very evident in their personalities. Alice is a very English bride, and likes to embrace traditional values and what better place than Layer Marney Tower!? Paul’s journey to this moment in his life was a little different, hailing originally from New Zealand, and settling in the UK. A Kiwi that has never let go of his roots or his Kiwi accent.

The one thing that stood out, above all else was Alice and Paul’s love for each other! These two never held back from showing their love in front of family and friends, yet they remain a very personal & private couple. I knew from the moment we first met back in 2016 that this was going to be a day to remember for all the right reasons ~ It was every bit I expected it to be, and more!

This Layer Marney Tower wedding was a symbolic and personal journey that ultimately meant so much to everyone, and more so to Alice’s family, as early next year Alice will be dusting off her passport, as she takes another big journey, this time a physical one to the other side of the world, as both Alice and Paul are leaving the UK to live in New Zealand. Having met both of these guy’s, I can truly say that this will be the UK’s loss and New Zealand’s gain. I would like to wish them both the very best of luck in their future adventure & a great couple that will be missed by so many friends and family, and thank you both for having me for your Layer Marney Tower Wedding Photography


The Wedding suppliers

As always I try to ensure that all of the wedding suppliers/vendors get credit for their part. For me it is essential that those of us in the wedding industry get recognised for the huge amount of work that goes into the logistics and planning of just one couples wedding.

Layer Marney wedding venue

There are venues and then there are simply stunning ones, and Layer Marney tower is most definitely in the latter. Set in the heart of the Essex countryside, just outside Colchester it boasts the tallest tudor gatehouse in the UK. Dated as far back as 1520, and constructed during the reign of King Henry VIII. It is a grade one listed building. It has been said that King Henry VIII himself has visited in the past, and may well have had the occasional stay?

Layer Marney tower is an ideal venue for romance, with glorious gardens and almost unrivalled opportunities for photographs, you will be sure to make many memories of your wedding here.

As well as having this fantastic venue at your disposal, you are also treated to some of the best hospitality. Enter Karen! Karen is professional, whilst at the same time being very down to earth. She has a rapport with her clients that is second to none. Alice and Paul were helped every inch of the way by Karen and the rest of the team at Layer Marney tower. We even managed to get a couple of images with the Bride and Groom with Karen (you will hate me for this, i’m sure).

Layer marney wedding photography


Sure Shotz Photography

In the industry of wedding photography, us wedding photographers need  reliable and professional second shooters. Trust and integrity needs to be there, and Darren from Sureshotz is my go to wingman when I need a back up photographer. Not only do I rely on him as my second, I also rely on him as a main photographer, should I ever get ill (I don’t make a habit of missing weddings, and have never missed one). We work well together, and having a background in street photography makes him a willing participant when it comes to dealing with groom preparation and natural, candid images. So a special thanks to Darren for his big efforts at this wedding! See some of his work from this wedding below.

layer marney wedding photographer


Nick Chatten ~ Wedding DJ

This was my first time I had the pleasure of working with Nick, and normally your wedding music is just that, music! With Nick though, music is just one cog in his arsenal. Nick helped me create some beautiful moments for Alice and Paul, which can be seen in a couple of images below. I have a list of suppliers that I would recommend, and Nick after just working with him once is going up there as one of my most must haves for bride and grooms.

Nick is everybody’s friend and keeps people dancing, but it doesn’t stop there. From personalised light beams that light up wedding venues, to dry ice to create beautiful moments for your first dance, to confetti cannons. Nick is one the UK’s finest DJs, and has many industry awards to his name.

Most of all, Nick goes that extra mile and is just a really great guy. If there was one vendor I look forward to meeting again, then it is definitely Nick! Thanks for your help you were superb…

Layer Marney Tower wedding photographer

Honestly if you are looking for a wedding dj, or a dj for any special event, then Nick is your man.

There were other suppliers that played an integral part to this very special wedding, so a huge thanks to them too.



So there you have it! The end of this story, one day of love, tears, romance and laughter. It was a blast, and memories made that will stay with Alice and Paul for many years of happiness to come. I pride myself on being a maker of memories, my moniker if you like. Being a wedding photographer can be bittersweet sometimes, on any given wedding day you are there having a great time with people you hardly know, and then in an instant it is gone.

This wedding was one of those, I sincerely wish this great couple a wonderful married life together, their journey has just begun, but their memories will last a lifetime.

Bon Voyage guys!!

If you are having your wedding at Layer Marney, and would like to consider me for your Layer Marney tower wedding photography, then get in touch and contact me


Hey guys sorry we couldn’t be there, photos look amazing, Alice you look beautiful, and Paul,you are still my little baby cousin that needs a clip around the ears but you scrubbed up well. The love that is evident in these photos is bright and shining and a joy to see, you have both found your soulmates. Love you guys and can’t wait to celebrate when you get to NZ.💞💞💞💞🍾🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉🎉

I am glad the blog post has given you an insight into Alice and Paul’s wedding! As the images show, and you pointed out the love was very evident 🙂 🙂

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