I first met Emma for a consultation meeting just after Christmas 2016. Unfortunately John was unable to attend the meeting (just as well as the topic of football might have cropped up and seeing as we both support rival teams, he might have cut his losses and gone elsewhere!).

Sometimes as a wedding photographer you just know that this is going to be a couple that you want to work with. Emma was quite sure in what she wanted from her wedding photography & we both had similar ideas on style etc. Emma proved to be a very bubbly character and from that meeting on, I have been looking forward to their wedding at the Friern manor hotel.

John as it turned out is quite averse to photographs, so I decided to organise a shoot with the two of them. I do this because the last thing I wanted was to put John on edge on his wedding day & I want him as relaxed as possible (God knows waiting for Emma to make her grand appearance will be nervous enough for him). Also it served as an opportunity to actually meet John and you can clearly see the unique bond between these two & it is always a pleasure to observe this as a wedding photographer.

The setting for this shoot was at Langdon Hills in Essex and it presented a lovely background for some nice and relaxed images. There was an autumnal feel to the day, even though we were heading towards spring.

Look out for their wedding blog coming sometime in early may - I’m sure it will be one to check out and one I am looking forward to creating! For now please enjoy the images and feel free to post a comment or two 🙂

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