I get asked a lot of questions from Essex brides regarding Essex wedding photography services I provide, instead of answering them over & over again, I thought it best to do a F.A.Q’s page. I feel a lot of these questions are both pertinent and important to both you & myself. It helps clarify certain things that you might be unsure of. Of course I could probably write page after page of all the questions I get asked, but that would be too tedious for you to trawl through. There will be questions you have & any that need an answer you can address to me via my contact page. I am always happy to answer any questions you will undoubtedly have…Keep it clean though please 🙂
What style of photography do you do?

I prefer to photograph a wedding being as unobtrusive as possible - I really love telling a story through images. From the bridal preparations to the end of your day.


A lot of my brides do ask for a mixed style of reportage and formal images taken - So I do tend to photograph a lot of weddings with a mixed style - but I do try and get the formal group shots done quickly, so you guy’s can have more fun!

Will my images be safe?

I pride myself on ensuring that the job I have been asked to do, I do it with completness in mind. Nothing is failsafe, but I ensure that every single image that I take is automatically backed up to another SD card as soon as it’s taken.

My equipment is all professional full frame dslr cameras, which are both equipped with dual SD slots, so when one is taking a shot the other is backing it up.

I go even further when I get home - your images are then secured onto two 2tb harddrives - one for archive and one for the editing. Rest assured your images are as safe as can be.

Do you supply wedding albums?

I most certainly do! I use Folio wedding albums as my preferred choice. Why? Because they are in my opinion, the best quality albums you can get in the UK.

They are handcrafted and handmade to very high standards - They are designed to last a lifetime and then some.

I have also recently started adding Italian a4 storybooks to my collection - At a reduced price to the Folio albums, they present an affordable, but a quality option that are known throughout the industry worldwide.

Our venue has asked for your insurance...Help!
Don’t worry. Just like any good professional wedding photographer, i’m fully insured with both full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. If your venue requests this, then let me know and I will gladly send them a copy via email.

Our Church say's we can't use flash, is this a problem?
Not at all. Most Churches in the UK have very strict rules on flash phtography. I use professional full frame dslr’s and professional grade lenses that give me the ability to take images even in very low light situations.

I see you are a Essex wedding photographer - Do you photograph weddings anywhere else?

I most certainly do. I am available for wedding photography in Kent, Wedding photography in Herts and London too.

I don’t restrict myself to any area. So if you require a wedding photographer in Glasgow or a wedding photographer in Wales, then i’m happy to quote a price. In fact I would be delighted to undertake destination wedding photography. Just about anything goes 🙂

Can we give you a list of images/Pinterest board we would like to be shot?
In all honesty I prefer to photograph your day without being restricted by a list that will slow me down - I often get requests to shoot details of wedding rings, shoes and other details - These types of images I will get as a matter of course. I will of course never refuse to take any photograph you request-After all it’s your day.

Do you need to be fed?
Short answer, no. I don’t request/demand to be fed at all. When you guy’s are eating your wedding breakfast, I will be borrowing your rings and creating beautiful images with them or I will be taking some pictures of the venue, with a cheese and pickle deluxe sandwich in the pocket 🙂

How much is your deposit & when do I need to pay for the rest of my package?
I require a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your date. The rest of the outstanding balance is due 28 days before your wedding.

Any hidden "extra" charges?

Well it’s not hidden - but there is a fuel/travel fee I charge for weddings that are outside a radius of 20 miles from Basildon. The minimum is £30 - but that varies from location. Worth noting that if you require my services that would require me to be away for the night, then I would include an accommodation fee in your price too.

What happens if you are ill or grim comes calling!?

Well unfortunatley if my time comes to meet my maker - Then i’m not sure the good old fella up stairs will give me a stay of execution to fullfill my obligations to you –


Honestly, in the highly unlikely event of me not being able to photograph your day, then be assured that I have a very good network of photographers who are just as capable of producing beautiful works of art.

In this scenario any extra cost of a alternative photographer would be met by me.

This isn’t something that happens though, but we are all human, so It would be foolish not to have someone in place who could step in.


How many photographs will I get back?

It’s hard to put a number on it specifically. During the course of your day - I aim to get roughly about 1000 images. I always say that I aim to deliver about half of that, as many of those images just don’t meet my high expectations.


As a rule of thumb, I always aim to deliver upto 500 fully retouched and processed images.


Do I need to sign anything?

Yes. When you are sure that you want to hire me for your wedding photography, I prepare a contract for you guys to look over and sign.


The reason for this is simple - It protects both of our interests and aims to ensure that we all understand what is expected and not expected of me.

I do not accept a deposit until I have a signed contract.

Do you photograph same sex weddings?

I sure do! Love doesn’t discriminate, Love doesn’t care what race, gender, colour or sexual orientation you are.

On that note, neither do I. Love is universal and should be embraced by all. So yes I want to shoot your wedding irrespective of your gender background 🙂

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