This was one of those weddings where luck was clearly on our side, in terms of the weather that is. During bridal preparations there was an almighty thunder storm, and the worst was feared as the time approached to the ceremony, but fortunately the gods cheered up and blessed us with beautiful weather for the rest of the day.

With Essex wedding photography, much like wedding photography  anywhere in the UK, the weather can and most often does play a part (normally of the wet kind!).

Debbie and Ray are a fantastic couple, who so deserved a wedding that delivered it all. Surrounded by family and friends who were so willing to play their part, and when it came to the photography, boy did they play their part. This wedding had it all, and kept me firing off shots all day and almost all night long, and that was thanks to the  very special people who made this day what it was……Fantastic!

Sit back and enjoy some of the storyboards that were created from this wonderful day in Essex.

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