Country House wedding photography of Sarah & Daniels wonderful Wedding day

De Vere Horwood Estate Wedding Photography – Sarah and Daniel got married in April at the gorgeous De Vere Horwood Estate, which is a stunning country house in Milton Keynes. They had their ceremony in the main hall, which was a beautifully decorated room. They chose De Vere Horwood Estate because It suited their personalities and they just fell in love with it. It was a Traditional & natural wedding, which was great as it really suited the venue. I love shooting country house weddings because the grounds are completely stunning. I personally loved being the De Vere Horwood Estate Wedding Photographer, as there was so much here to photograph. They had a beautiful ornate secret garden, with lush greens and series of blossom trees at the back, which created some lovely images for the couple.

Getting ready

Sarah got ready in one of the rooms at the venue, and the atmosphere was emotional and electric. Even though I had plenty of time in hand, things were moving at a fast pace, and we just had enough time to get some bridal shots outside. The girls then walked the short distance to the ceremony. Amongst all the emotion that a wedding brings, there was time for calmness, and we managed to squeeze a few shots of the bride on her way to the Ceremony room. Daniel got ready in Barnet and was there in plenty of time with his stepdad Mark. The boys then drove a convertible Alfa Romeo to get to the ceremony. They did, however, get stuck in traffic on the notorious M1.

The ceremony

The wedding itself was an intimate affair in the venue grounds at the rear of the estate. During the ceremony, they had a beautiful reading. It was so personal.

After the ceremony

The reception was at the same venue and they had all their formal images were taken, and a wonderful and emotional moment where Sarah and Daniel decided to release some white doves in memory of certain family members, which was beautiful. in the afternoon, and a photo booth in the evening. I loved the doves, as it was something different for a wedding setting, and I also loved the venue, for the various amounts of photo opportunities that this wonderful place gave. They decorated the venue with lots of colour. For dinner, they served a roast dinner, which was absolutely delicious. The first dance was to Ed Sheeran, and they finished off the evening with a relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of good spirited drinking.

The best part

The best part of the day was was all of it, but I particularly liked the Bridal and Groomsmen moments, because it made everyone laugh. Getting the bridal party to sing cheesy songs was a great laugh, and getting the groomsmen to pose with the bridal flowers was hilarious, more so as I got them to pout their lips and pose like women.

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