Leez Priory wedding venue – Chelmsford – Essex

Leez Priory wedding venue – Chelmsford – Essex

On a rather mild day in January, I was invited to a tour around one of Essex’s best places to get hitched - Leez priory wedding venue.

I have wanted to view this venue for some time & more recently I was commisioned to take the wedding photography for a lovely couple, who are having their special day at the Leez Priory & with every venue that I’m not familiar with, I always ensure that I scout the venue before hand to get a good idea of the type of images that will be available on the day.

I met Sue, one of the wedding planners at Leez. Sue was very accomadating, even though she has a busy schedule, she took time out to give me a tour around Leez priory and then left me to take some sample images of this beautiful 16th century manison.

uncle bob meme

The thing I love about Leez is that old rustic feel & the amount of history that has passed through this rural estate.

As previously mentioned it is a 16th century mansion and is a grade I listed building and every inch of it’s splendour is an image waiting for a wedding couple on their special day.

Leez priory history

*Disclaimer the following was copied from Wikipedia*

In 1220, Sir Ralph Gernon decided that the hamlet of Leez, in a dip by the banks of the River Ter, would provide the perfect location on which to found his monastary. His Augustinian priory thrived for over 300 years. King Henry VIII sent Sir Richard Rich to dismiss the monastery, during the dissolution of the Monastaries (1536-1541). When Sir Richard Rich became the Earl of Warwick, he built his own great house on the site that is now known as Leez Priory. The remains of the Augustinian Priory are very much in evidence within the grounds to the south of the existing buildings, including extensive underground drainage conduits. Known as “Delicious Leez”, both the site and the rose-brick buildings are breathtaking, with old garden walls and fish ponds indicative of life and times past.

At one point in time, Leez priory wedding venue was actually owned by Guy’s hospital in London, ironic it seems as that was my birth place way back in 1973 (yes getting on a bit, I know!) & now I’m planning a wedding shoot here!

In the late 1980’s, Leez priory wedding venue was bought by it’s current owners, country house wedding group (who also own the very beautiful Gosfield Hall) and since that time have won numerous awards as best wedding venue.

Leez Priory wedding venue - main building
Leez priory wedding venue - guest house
Leez priory wedding venue - coach house
Leez priory wedding venue - The lawn at the back of the mansion
The 16th century tower

The outside of Leez priory wedding venue is simply stunning & typically filled with 16th century character. I thought at the time it doesn’t get any better than this?

Well inside was equally as stunning and was left with a feeling of complete nostalgia, filled with the smell of romance & Love of the many happy couples that have started life together at this wonderful venue.

leez priory wedding venue
Leez priory wedding venue - Top table in the coach house
Leez priory wedding venue - Table details coach house
The lounge & piano room - Leez priory wedding venue

This is the coach house, which is set up to show potential clients a typical layout on any given wedding.

The above images were some of my favourites. As a photographer you need vision & creativity. for some reason, this particular room really resonated with me

and whilst I was taking the images I was picturing where the Bride would be, what the groom  would be doing and the magic that could be created here.

These were the last of my images taken at Leez priory wedding venue. There were a lot more I could have taken & would happily have stayed all day. There are unlimited chances for that perfect image, including the lake, which I didn’t take any images of.

If i’m totally honest, unless you see Leez priory through your own eyes, then there are not many photographs that really do this place justice. You might have guessed that by now I’m totally in love with this place and feel my opinion is justisfied, as I have seen it in all it’s beauty.

It helps that I’m a bit of a history lover and any building that has stood the test of time like Leez, will always have me waxing lyrical.

If you as a prospective bride or Groom are reading this, then I hope this blog post has in some way made you think a little more about Leez. If you do one thing before you commit to your wedding venue, then make sure to arrange a trip down to Leez and meet Sue (who is a wonderfully helpful person).

Below are some direct links to Leez…..Get in touch and visit!




Telephone: 01245 362 555

Email info@leez-priory.co.uk

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