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Barn Brasserie wedding photography

28th September 2017




The Barn Brasserie provided the perfect backdrop for Lorraine and Andy’s wedding day. The day had a rustic feel to it & Bridal prep started the tone of the day. Set in beautiful grounds of a former working farm, it was full of charm & character. The place these two call home seems a perfect fit for them. For Andy there really is no place like home, as it has been his since he was a young boy.

Both Lorraine and Andy are wonderful people, and I really loved their personalities. What I really loved about Lorraine & Andy was their desire to embrace the moment and just go for it. They were full of youthful exuberance!

Through meeting close friends, to getting a chance to work closely with their intimate family members, this was one wedding that will live long on my memory.

We had a plethora of emotions on this day, some sad and teary & some happy and teary. I got a chance to get a privileged insight into the very core of both of them, and when that happens it is like they have trusted you to be part of their time, and their day.

I yearn and crave these creative moments in life. Having that opportunity to leave your mark on someone else’s life in a positive way is something money cannot buy.

I would like to say a huge thanks to a few people, who helped make this the day extra special.


Barn Brasserie wedding photography

The Barn Brasserie pulled out all the stops to ensure that everything went as smooth as it could possibly be. It is a lovely venue that offers a discreet service and customer service as it’s forte. Set in beautiful surroundings, it really is somewhere where you feel very welcome. A perfect place for bride and grooms to get hitched.

Website – Barn Brasserie

Facebook – Barn Brasserie facebook page

Fee Alice make up artist - Barn Brasserie wedding photography


The make up artist – Fee Alice. I come across many of these fine ladies when photographing weddings, and they are always approachable. Fee is no different, and to boot she is so good it seems quite effortless for her. I always try to help promote other good professionals, and I have no hesitancy in promoting Fee.



Below are a few storyboards of Lorraine & Andy’s wedding at the Barn Brasserie. Enjoy x

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