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Hello! You’re here because you would like to know a bit about Essex wedding photographer, Terry James right?

Well my name is Terry (kudos for stating the obvious) or a much more informal name would be Tel. Honestly, everyone calls me Tel and this is much more preferable, as being called Terry was normally a reference to being told off by my Mum (Not that I was that naughty…Honestly).

I love my life, I truly do. I have a wonderful wife, who I adore incessantly. We have three of the most wonderful children ever! When I look for inspiration, I turn to these guy’s. They keep me grounded & humble & I thank God for being so blessed!



What do I do if you haven’t guessed already? I photograph and document people in love. My love for photography goes back to following my Dad around the Grand prix circuits. His passion for four wheels and Photography rubbed off on me in a positive way.

What I realised very quickly about photography was that images of cars are just nice, and not a lot else (at least for me anyway). It was people that really got me totally in love with photography. Being able to create moments of personal history for people from all walks of life really gets my creative juices flowing, and there is no price you can put on that.

I am passionate and committed to ensuring your wedding photography will be the very best that it can be & your images will shine in your wedding albums. That’s what I am & what I do, a maker of memories. I am consummate, passionate and a lot of time emotionally involved in creating images for people & about people, oh and I really love rich fruit wedding cake, so if there is any going free, spare a thought or slice for me!

If you are seeking a memory maker for your wedding day, then consider dropping me a message. 

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